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3 simple steps to understand your reports.
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  • Upload your document using the form gave on this page.
  • Click on any word that you do not understand and its meaning will popup in a box.
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You can now use the Medical Jargon Buster to make sense of PubMed searches ! Click here for more info

About This Project

The Health Education Library for People (HELP) is always on the look out for technologies and expertise to make life a little bit easier for patients and their families. A constant complaint we hear is that patients cannot completely understand their medical reports. They are limited by the explanation their doctor gives them or considers them necessary to know. This we feel runs against our philosophy of patient awareness and advocacy.

So we caught hold of some clever guys and designed this 'Medical Report Jargon Buster' based on OCR technology (Optical Character Reader). Now simply upload your document and our library of medical terms will popup an explanation of any word or statement within your report. This is a work in progress so any feedback is always welcome. Simply mail us at

For more information about HELP please visit

Video Tour of the Process.
OCR Video Demo

Terms & Conditions.

This is under development prototype still in testing phase. This is not a substitute for a qualified medical practictioner/ doctor. This tool is purely for reference purposes only. This being a test project we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information/definitions provided by this service. Patients are strongly urged not to take any action solely on the basis of this tool.

PubMed is the world’s largest repository of medical information

PubMed repository Abstracts of all articles ( and the full text of some) published in medical journals are indexed in this medical database, which doctors search when they need to update themselves about the latest research.

Because patients also need to become experts on their illness, the PubMed database can be searched online, free of cost ! This is a great resource if you want to know what’s happening at the cutting edge of medical research.

You can learn how to do a PubMed search at by clicking here

However, the problem is that all these abstracts are full of medical jargon. These are articles from medical journals, written for specialists, which is why it can be very hard for patients to make sense of these abstracts.

This is what a typical search result looks like – it’s full of goobledygook

This is why we have created a free PubMed for Patients medical jargon buster tool.

For example, if you do not understand what the word angiogenesis means, just click on it – and we’ll provide you with the medical dictionary meaning of any term !

Now Start searching medical articles, journals from pubmed site by clicking here

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